Are you selling your home?

Move In Certified Home Inspection for sellers

Move In Certified Inspections

If you are selling your home, one of the best ways to ensure the process is a smooth as possible, without any surprises after the contract is signed, we offer a Move In Certified Inspection.  By inspecting your home before you list it, you will be aware of any potential inspection items that may be found by the Buyer's home inspector.  By knowing any potential issues before a Buyer finds them, you will be able to make any necessary repairs to your home, before they become an issue on the sale of your home.  This provide you with more confidence in listing your home, avoid some inspections issues that may arise after contract, justify your list price, and allow you to have an edge over other listings by advertising that you are Move In Certified.

Repair Major Issues Before They Become an Issue

By having a Move In Certified inspection before you lost your home, you will know what potential issues may come up during a buyer's inspection.  This will give you time to address the issues you feel should be fixed before listing your home.

Have Confidence In Your Home

A Move In Certified inspection will show you what may be a problem, but ALSO all of the items that are NOT a problem.  With this knowledge you can be confident you are selling the best home you can.

Avoid Long Inspection Objection Negotiations

Armed with a Move In Certified inspection report, you will know what issues may come up in the inspection objection period, so you have more time to decide what you will and will not agree to address.  You will also have more time to repair any issues BEFORE the buyer even knows about them, allowing you to fix them on your schedule.  It is even possible that by providing a buyer with the Move In Certified inspection report, and informing them what you have addressed, the buyer may waive their inspection, speeding up the sale and avoiding any potential deal breaking negotiations.

Prepare Yourself for the Buyer's Inspection

By having your own inspection already completed on your home, you will be more prepared to address any items that a buyer's home inspector may find.  This may allow you to contest any items that the buyer's inspector found that may not actually be an issue.

Get The Edge On Other Listings

By advertising that you have a Move In Certified Home, you will have a edge over other seller's by showing that you have already inspected and addressed any major issues in your home.  This will put your buyer's more at ease when they submit an offer.